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Hello and welcome to the NERO Caldaria Live Journal Community. Please check out the community info for all your NERO Caldaria information.

Lonnie DiNello
aka Chandra Dawnfire
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How do I join? :D
*bounces around* I'm all going to try to join you for NERO, Lonnie ^.^ You'll have to help me with preparations and Character creation and things like that, but I'm sure you'll be lovely. ^.^ I'd love to go LARPing for an entire weekend!

--Kim ('Azura')
Yay Kim! It'll be so cool to have you there. :) We'll get together and start coming up with a character for you before the season starts. I suggest picking up a rule book too, http://www.nerohq.com/rules.htm. Don't get the player's guide listed on that page, that's for the Ashbury game. The Caldaria players guide is available for free on the Caldaria website, http://www.caldaria.com/IG/pguide.html.

When you figure out what race you want to play, there is also a race packet available from the chapter. We'll try to get all this stuff going ASAP so you have time to reasearch you character and come up with a good background history for her. :)
Nothing !