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Been a while

Well, I'm bored and it's been a while since I looked this community up and I'm thinking that I wish I was going to NERO this weekend. Alas there are non-NERO friends who demand attention and there is apartment and job hunting to do. Not every weekend can be a NERO weekend. *sniffle*

I went to Ashbury for the first time last weekend and it was so freaking awesome. I liked looking around and seeing people who looked familiar because of their pictures in the rulesbook. That was terribly amusing. I also became horribly horribly sick! Sometimes not having a job is fun. Tuesday morning I woke up, dragged myself out of bed, wondered why I was feeling so awful, discovered that I had a fever of 100.1. Ah but it was worth it. *le sigh* I'm hoping to not make a habit out of that though.

I don't understand why my tabletopping friends think NERO is geeky. I mean... if you're already a geek then geeky should be a good thing, right? Hopefully I will be able to bring SG to the next Caldaria event and then when she falls in love with it too we can pressure the rest of the group into coming. Muahahahah! Then oh the places we'll go. ^^

There's a song that I discovered by a Japanese artist named hide (that's pronounced he-day, not like hide and seek :)) called Electric Cucumber. The song is terribly amusing in and of itself. 3 guesses as to what the electric cucumber is supposed to mean. There's a line in it that goes "Rubber, leather, PVC, wrapped and trapped inside your fantasy." *.* I was much happier before someone explained that you can make shiney clothes out of PVC too, or something like that. Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. :)
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Heya! Are you the one who played Soft Feather? I play Chandra the MWE on the Twisted Thistle. The icon pic is my High Orc, Sage Redbeard. I'm the orc in the rule book. :) *pride*

Ashbury is the chapter I started in back in 1994. It's ammusing to see it through the eyes of someone new to NERO. I kind of miss it, but not enough to make the trip from Worcester, MA. Plus, I have the same problem with non-NERO friends. I'm getting the, "We never see you!" complaints. My family is starting to wonder about me as well. I had to make a promise to myself this year that I'd only play one NERO event a month.

The next Caldaria event should be interesting with it being Tourney and all!

Nice to see someone posting here. :)
Nope, I wasn't Soft Feather... at least I don't think I was. I've only NPC'd before and there's so many name changings that go on with that so I often get confused. :D

It is a really long trip, and I really wanted to go, but definitely not by myself, so I was really happy I got a ride with Walt and his crew (posse? hee hee).

Caldaria! Caldaria! Caldaria! *bounceybounceybouncey* I'm bringing friends! At least that's the rumor. One has committed (which sadly doesn't necessarily mean she's actually coming) and one has said she might go if this other friend goes and it's all very silly and confusing, but I can hope.

I just recently found out that with all my gobbies I am going to be coming in game with a fairly high level character, even though I've never PC'd before, and this is kind of disturbing me, just because... I don't know. It seems kind of sick and wrong. Fun, but sick and wrong. :D The joys of NPCing.