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nero_caldaria's Journal

NERO Caldaria
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NERO Alliance: Caldaria

Live the Adventure!

In a land devastated by war and plague, a great kingdom lies on the verge of collapse. Only by the courage and strength of her heroes will the land of Cladaria survive these dark times…

Visit http://www.caldaria.com for event dates, location, and more info, or email nero@caldaria.com.

NERO Alliance: Caldaria is designed for both players new to Live Action Role Playing and old LARP veterans alike. Our events will be held in Ashby, MA, less than 2 hours from Boston, Hartford, and Providence, and just a stone’s throw from Worcester. Running events in both the spring and fall.

For more information about the NERO Alliance, contact Alliance Headquarters at nerohq@aol.com or http://www.nerohq.com.