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Oh how I want to PC!

*whine!* *whimper!*

Oh how I want to PC.
Let me count the ways.
Ok, I'm not feeling creative enough right now to be able to count the ways in a poetic fashion but let it be said that I love NPCing, but I really really really really really really really really really (you get the idea) want to see what it is like from the other end of the telescope. Alas, in order to do so one needs a job and a costume among other things all of which are in the making and hopefully I shall have by the next event. Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please.

I was waiting to bring some friends with me so they could hang out with me and be at NERO at the same time becaus I knew they wouldn't want to NPC by themselves (even though there was two of them, go fig) so I brought friends. They NPC'd. At least one is planning on returning and bringing her husband (have no idea how that will go), so I finally feel free to go ahead and PC as long as funds allow.

So one more time: I wanna PC! ;.; I can wait though since it will probably take that long to finish the costume I'm planning on making. Ok, that's enough whining for one day.
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